I’m excited for this week’s Feminist Poetics, Emerging Pedagogies symposium in Los Angeles. I’ll be on a panel discussion Friday with Tia Blassingame, erika kaufman, and Celina Su at 1:30 pm, participating in a  group reading at the Poetic Research Bureau that night, and giving a workshop on Saturday at 1:30. The website is here: http://www.feministpoeticsemergentpedagogies.com/

My workshop will be about language as somatic connection:

Fully Wired & Hanging by a Thread: Choreographing a Rendezvous with the Radical Past
“[M]en have successively conquered a sense of the house, the neighborhood in which they live, the city, the region, the continent,” wrote F.T. Marinetti in his 1913 manifesto on the “wireless imagination”: “Today man possesses a sense of the world; he has only a modest need to know what his forebears have done, but a burning need to know what his contemporaries are doing in every part of the globe.” How can we construct a feminist response to these claims in the 21st century? The Futurists’ call for a globalized and strictly contemporary imagination has been consummated in the age of teeming landfills and the digital cloud—an environment that promises more access to information about the past than ever, but relies on amnesia and the ruse of disembodiment in order to progress.

This is a laboratory for scoring alternative fates by remembering, ragpicking, weaving, and performing somatic scores of connection to radical elders, resisting patriarchal history and the amnesia of the virtual feed. Departing from the two dimensions of the screen and page, we will tap the deep past of poetics and generate our own webs of memory and unlearning in the spirit of Cecilia Vicuña’s “Word and Thread”: “A word once written risks becoming linear, but word and thread exist on another dimensional plane. Vibratory forms in space and in time. Acts of union and separation.” Through experiments in pulling words and ephemeral artifacts into lines and knots, we will score cross-historical communications outtakes, playing with the kinetic possibilities of entangled language. Logistics: Needles and kite string will be provided; participants are asked to bring along some text and/or a series of small, light, cheap, disposable objects that they may associate with a cherished figure from another generation.


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